Manufacturer websites: Custom design vs Templates

Custom Web Design for manufacturer websites


Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a custom web design for a manufacturer website is that it will set a website apart from the rest of the crowd and give it a competitive edge over the competition. This is crucial in the saturated web environment nowadays. Since custom websites are more search engine friendly than website templates, they have the tendency to rank high on search engines like Google.
Aside from adapting to the needs of businesses better, a custom website allows companies to incorporate their branding into it. Custom websites have a factor of scalability and so they expand as businesses expand. In addition, the other benefit given by a content management system (CMS) is it enables businesses to keep their website updated wherever they are.


Firstly, using a custom web design can hurt the pocket more than a manufacturer website template because getting a custom web design costs a lot more. The second disadvantage is creating a custom design takes longer than a website template. Since the custom web design is complex as well as time consuming, chances are there will be delays in the website project.
Read on to know more about website templates and their pros and cons.

Website Templates for manufacturer sites


It takes a shorter time to develop a website template than a custom designed website. The next advantage of using manufacturer website templates that it is less costly than a custom designed website. This is favorable to those who only have a low budget. Website templates allow people to create their own website even if they are not an expert in web design. Any individual can create a website template even if they are not familiar with HTML and CSS.


Since people get website templates from the internet, chances are, competitors and other businesses may be using the same website template they are using. For this reason, their website will get lost in the virtual world.

Search engines were not considered when website templates were designed. That is why; they usually stay at the bottom of search rankings. Also, other major problems associated with website templates are that they do not get any support and they are not compatible with all browsers.

People who buy manufacturer website themes will not be able to customize them based on their needs. It can also be challenging with templates to include web elements like text, images and videos, to name a few.

Who Should Use a Custom Web Design?

Businesses have their own different needs. Those that want their manufacturer website to be unique, search-engine friendly and scalable can choose a custom web design. A CMS has another benefit of letting people save money on updating their website and maintaining it well. It might take longer to create and even cost them more but it gives the advantages of getting a website based on their business needs and giving an exceptional user experience to viewers.

Who Should Buy A Website Template?

Those who do not have enough time to go through the long and complicated web design processes as well as do not have enough budget can go for a manufacturer website theme. If they do not know which is best for their business needs, it is better to get a website template. This will also suit people who like to create a website but do not have enough knowledge in web programming.