Manufacturer web design – 5 Elements that need your attention

Clean Design

When developing a manufacturer website, one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration is creating a quality design that is clean and appealing. Such a design is not only stunning but also readable with its intuitive navigation. Most important of all, a clean design lets viewers focus on a brand’s value and content rather than on confusing graphics and large numbers of text. Customers often associate web designs with the reputation of a company or quality of its products/services. So, a clean design provides customers with a great user experience, encouraging them to go back.

Effective Color Scheme

Customers may not realize the importance of color schemes. Each color has its ability to arouse emotions such as calmness, frustration or happiness. When using colors in a manufacturer web design, it is crucial for companies to consider their niche, branding, target audience and color theory elements. They should choose colors that will let their target audience respond. They should also think whether using the same color scheme for their logo and branding will look pleasant or overwhelming. They should imagine if a bright color like orange or a more professional color like blue would best convey their brand’s voice. Whatever their choice may be, they should take some time to search for the best color choices that will provide visitors with a good, first impression.


Branding is essential to both large and small businesses. A logo’s design and placement can influence viewers’ overall opinion. Professional looking logos are effective in striking the attention of customers and they offer a clear image of the brand’s unique voice. A logo should be located on the part of the manufacturer site that can be easily seen by visitors like the upper left hand corner, where the eyes of visitors start to browse a website. To make their brand’s identity even stronger, they can use only one logo on packaging, print ads and branded apparel. Businesses with consistent branding give customers an incorporated, memorable brand experience.


There are a number of factors to take into consideration when it comes to the functionality of the web design for manufacturers. First, it should be literally functional. Next, they should check if there are loading problems or broken links. Another factor is whether the site’s security features answer their business needs. Aside from operational issues, they should see their site’s features from the viewpoint of the users. Also, the contact forms, customer feedback portion and surveys of the site should be properly working. Any of these functionality issues can make customers leave their site.


When websites are easy to navigate and use, customers are more likely to become interested and engage in business. To increase usability, product and service info should be displayed in a clear manner. The manufacturer should see to it that their website contains all the features needed by customers to gain access to it. When users read their blog and like to subscribe to an email newsletter, they should have the opt-in form. Contact information should be clearly displayed. The website layout should encourage sharing and more interaction with their brand. They should review these key elements in optimizing their site’s usability.