Ideas for creating a great manufacturer website

The Internet is not like any other medium. It is unlike a book, magazine or newspaper. It is not a television, live event or brick-and-mortar store. When a manufacturer website is well-made and specific to the Internet, you get the opportunity to perform things that cannot be carried out by other forms of media.

When it comes to website design for manufacturers, a great part of the success relies on its responsive design. This lets visitors view a site on any type of mobile device and easily locate content. This has got to do with making the most of the benefits that the Internet gives users, to the disadvantage of traditional media. Successful manufacturer website publishers use content to produce unique user benefits.

Relationship Building

A website’s success depends on the incentives offered to persuade visitors to register their email. With email registration, manufacturer websites can use newsletters and alerts to follow-up with visitors in the future. A website should exert effort to obtain the email address of the visitor. Otherwise, it would be less likely for visitors to come back.

Community Building

Some of the most successful websites allows their users to generate more than 99% if their content. Even if this is not applicable for every business, a website should be able to encourage loyalty, belonging and enthusiasm. It should persuade you to become involved in the business through comments and questions.

Persistent Navigation

Users should find it easy and simple to navigate through your manufacturer website design. They should know where they are, where to go next and how to return to where they have been. They should be able to navigate from any part of your website to all major areas without effort. Your constant navigation should be able to reflect the scope and depth of your content. It should also provide a quick access to customer service. It should be consistent and intuitive throughout your whole site.

User Task Depth

The website should motivate you to go to the next step, which is, either to ask for more information or to buy. It is not surprising to find out that the most important task for content sites is to get more details on news headlines. Furthermore, it is more likely for users to make a purchase on eCommerce sites. With regards to retail websites that involve the shipment of products, users take care of tasks like canceling or returning an order or reporting a problem in delivery.


Proper affordance allows something linked to look exactly how it is. It should not be color-coded or underlined with something not linked. With proper affordance , there is no need for users to drag their mouse over a page to search for links. A manufacturer website publisher should understand the way individuals of every age groups assume a site to work.